H2 NOOOO Put It In The Bin!

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H2 NOOOO Put It In The Bin! by Mind Map: H2 NOOOO Put It In The Bin!

1. School -Waratah West Public School -Waratah West, Newcastle -10 kilometres from the city centre (close to beaches and the harbour) -80 students across K-6

2. Big picture theme- Local geography Related global perspective- Sustainable futures

3. Community Project- 'Ocean Pollution Education Stalls' run by year 6 students (Stage 3)

3.1. Students will present the knowledge and resources they created in class to help educate the local community on the issue of ocean plastic pollution and educate them on current inventions to help solve the problem. Students will work from stalls in the hall and community members will walk around to each stall and discuss with students the issues and ask questions for the students to answer.

3.2. Who benefits from this? Everyone! Community members can learn about an important issue that is relevant to them and be educated on how they can assist, as well as students who will be developing their presentation skills, learning about global education, as well as participating in a campaign that will hep their local environment.

3.3. Students will be allocated into groups to focus on different parts of the issues e.g. one groups focus will be what is the issue where as another groups focus will be what is being done to help.

3.4. The skills the students will need are communication skills, presentation skills and content knowledge of the issue which they will develop and practise in class.

3.5. Community links for assistance with project- local researchers from the Australian Marine Conservation Society and parents/guardians/grandparents etc

3.6. Resources- tables, resources created in class e.g. plastic collectors, artworks, posters

4. Related KLA’s English -(ACELY714) -(ACELY715) -(ACELY717) -(ACELY1710) Science -(ACSSU094) -(ACSIS103) -(ACSHE100) HASS -(ACHASSI123) -(ACHASSK141) -(ACHASS121) Mathematics -(ACMSP147) Visual Arts -(ACAVAM115) -(ACAVAM116)

5. Core Values -Care and compassion -Integrity -Respect -Responsibility Global Values -Sustainable futures -Interdependence and globalisation

6. Global Perspectives

6.1. Values and Attitudes -A sense of community -A recognition of shared responsibility -An appreciation and concern for the environment

6.2. Knowledge and Understandings -Awareness of self as a member of interconnected and overlapping communities and how this influences responses to global issues. -A recognition of social, political, economic and environmental links -An understanding of the interdependence of all living things and that each has value and the imperative of sustainability.

6.3. Skills and Processes -Critical literacy skills -Research and enquiry skills, evaluating and organising information and problem- solving skills -Cooperation, sharing, negotiation and compromise and the capacity to relate newly acquired knowledge to an existing framework of understandings.

6.4. Action and Participation -Ability to identify and investigate different opportunities for action and participation. -The ability to consider the consequences, positive and negative, for oneself and for others of particular actions. -A willingness to be involved in action to support desirable outcomes.

7. General Capabilities -Critical and creative thinking -ICT -Numeracy -Literacy

8. Cross Curriculum Priority -Sustainability

9. Community Assets -Local researchers from the Australian Marine Conservation Society -SMART technology in the classroom ‘ -Collaborative education between local community members and students