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Miss Bigo by Mind Map: Miss Bigo

1. Sign up process

1.1. Requirements: 30 second video about Bigo experience

1.2. Methods to sign up

1.2.1. 1. Share on your instagram page and tag us (High chances) 40 BC will get selected

1.2.2. 2. Send to our WhatsApp number (Low chances 20 BC will get selected

2. Prelimitary Competition, LH

2.1. Selected 60 people will attend LH and fight to get the higher votes

2.1.1. Top 30 BC with high votes will pass for the Semi-Final round

3. Semi-Final: Monthly PK battle

3.1. 30 selected BC will be divided into 3 groups

3.1.1. Group A: 10 BC Each group will do PK with elimination Winner will be titled as best BC of the month and rewarded with Makeup Kit

3.1.2. Group B: 10 BC 1 winner from each group

3.1.3. Group C: 10 BC Winner of every group will do PK

4. Final: PK of best BC at the end on the year

4.1. Best BC of each month will compete to get the title of Miss Bigo

4.1.1. Best of June

4.1.2. Best of July 1 pass

4.1.3. Best August

4.1.4. Best of September 1 pass Passed

4.1.5. Best of October

4.1.6. Best of November 1 pass