Family Constellations (FCs)

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Family Constellations (FCs) by Mind Map: Family Constellations (FCs)

1. Methodological Basis

1.1. My [MB] main influences

1.1.1. Dr. med. Charlotte Baltrusch

1.1.2. Bert Hellinger

2. More Information

2.1. Blog/Podcast

2.1.1. Stop doing harmful or useful variants of the method

3. Context

3.1. Most points listed here are discussed in this Podcast I suggest you listen to.

3.2. Always embed in a larger therapeutic context.

3.2.1. If you decide that you want to "just" offer family constellations as a service because you feel like specializing on it, may I suggest you observe the following structure: This structure - or something similar - should be part of the design/setup, i.e. obligatory. Clients (and some practitioners alike) need to be educated that a FC needs context! Do pre-screening 1-on-1 sessions with each participant. At least one - more if needed. You have to know who you are dealing with in the FC regarding: Include at least one of the 1-on-1 sessions in the price of the FC as it is an integral part and should not be seen as separate. Do the actual FC Session Perform 1-on-1 or at least group follow-ups.

3.2.2. A good FC session will trigger significant processing. Hence there needs to be infrastructure in place for clients to get the emotional stabilization they need after the FC session.

4. General Points

4.1. With proper technique, FCs are very deep and will trigger significant processing.

4.2. The effectiveness of the method largely depends on the technique used and the skillset of the practitioner.

4.3. Evidence Levels

5. The Method