Educational Trends

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Educational Trends by Mind Map: Educational Trends

1. Common Core

1.1. Teach to test

1.2. Standards = Assessments

1.3. Bubble Test

1.3.1. Common core promise new test smarter than the dumb old bubble test. (Cody, 2014, p. 31)

2. No Child Left Behind

2.1. Developers wanted to focus on Reading and Math only.

2.1.1. Bubble Test

2.2. Developers did not want to focus on Music, P.E., and Science.

3. Duncan

3.1. smart technology

3.1.1. "The computers are smarter and can grade our test for us" (Cody, 2014, p. 32).

3.2. frequent testing

3.3. Immediate feedback

3.4. Monitors student growth

3.5. MAP

3.5.1. Ability driven

3.5.2. poverty=lower bar

4. Bill Gates

4.1. "the most valuable thing schools can do to improve is to measure and set goals for improvement" (Cody, 2014, p. 32).

4.2. Teacher success is determined by how a student performs on benchmarks.

4.3. Critical thinking test with technology

4.4. Standards=mandates=canned curriculum

4.5. Teacher autonomy lost

5. Kris Nielsen

5.1. Children Are the Core

5.2. Higher grade level material is being pushed down to prepare for college readiness.

5.3. Germany thinks similarly

5.3.1. students need more play time It was found that students in Germany were better in math and reading as well as social aspects when they had play in school. (Cody, 2014, p. 37)