Life Plan - How to use 24h everyday - How to keep Balance then Forward

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Life Plan - How to use 24h everyday - How to keep Balance then Forward by Mind Map: Life Plan - How to use 24h everyday - How to keep Balance then Forward


1.1. Plan / Do / Check / Act - Repeat (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

1.2. Objecttives - Key Results - Do what matter the most - Impact/Top 3 Priorities/Impacts

1.3. Start with Why then What then How then Who


2.1. Create an asset management firm

2.1.1. Set investment fund - how to grow Fast

2.1.2. Risk management

2.1.3. Set saving fund

2.1.4. Set a sàe fund (not lost)

2.2. Set financial plan

2.2.1. Income line Income source 1 Income source 2

2.2.2. Consuming lines


3.1. Physical Health

3.1.1. Cycling 2 times per Week (Sat morning and Tue morning)

3.1.2. Walking 3km/day

3.1.3. Push-up 50 times/day

3.1.4. Skateboard every Sunday - 1 hour

3.1.5. Run/Fast walk - 1h/day at 5:00 AM everyday summer and y:00 AM winter

3.2. Mental Health

3.2.1. Meditation 30 min/day

3.2.2. Smiles as much as you can everyday

3.2.3. Try to do +1% more everyday (ie. Read books, push-up..)

3.2.4. Try to get shit done, then take a 1 min rest and continued

3.2.5. Focus Focus Focus = Say No Say No Say No

3.3. Love Health

3.3.1. Love

3.3.2. Beloved by loved ones


4.1. Make a videoclip singing and playing piano

4.1.1. Romantic & Elegent style videoclips

4.1.2. Học đệm hát bằng piano

4.2. Make a videoclip play piano - solo only

4.2.1. River flows in you

4.2.2. Marriage d’amour

4.3. Make a video clip play erhu - solo with band

4.3.1. Despacito


5.1. Build a solid infrastructure for next gen - learn from West Point - How to build, grow, train a normal person to a kind person, a global citizen, then a global leader in every organization

5.1.1. Financial infrastructure - invest early

5.1.2. Health infrastructure - train daily Rèn thể chất như một người lính đặc nhiệm, kiểu Putin Rèn ý chí bền bỉ, kiên định, ham học hỏi, khiêm tốn, trung thực, chính trực, quyết đoán

5.1.3. Network - build up early Networking skill Talents lịe music Sports Social network tools & soft skill như tâm lý học giới tính, lứa tuổi.. Dancing Các lễ giáo, lễ độ, tiên học lễ hậu học văn

5.1.4. Be kind, do the good things in a right way - an impact way (ie. Investment) Giáo lý nhà Phật Giáo lý đạo thiên chúa Mỗi cái đều cần biết thiện ác, để phân biệt và thực hiện


6.1. Go find 1 new thing everyday

6.2. Go travel with family at least 1 time annually