Stolen NSA Tool EternalBlue used again

NSA EternalBlue Current Event

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Stolen NSA Tool EternalBlue used again by Mind Map: Stolen NSA Tool EternalBlue used again

1. Eternal Blue Background

1.1. NSA kept vulnerability quiet since 2012 until it was stolen

1.1.1. SMB Protocol Vulnerability

1.2. Stolen and released online May 2017 by 'Shadow Brokers'

1.2.1. Microsoft released a patch to fix the exploit the next day

1.3. Involved in Nonpetya and Wannacry

2. Used Again! Baltimore's Computer Systems hacked

2.1. Disruption of government email, water bills, home purchasing, and more

2.2. Attack Date - May 7th 2019

2.3. NSA Denies it was EternalBlue, Independent investigators find evidence of EternalBlue

3. Sources

3.1. Hackers reportedly used a tool developed by the NSA to attack Baltimore’s computer systems

3.2. N.S.A. Denies Its Cyberweapon Was Used in Baltimore Attack, Congressman Says


3.4. One Year After WannaCry, EternalBlue Exploit Is Bigger Than Ever

4. Overall cost in damages for all EternalBlue attacks

4.1. More than $8 billion dollars to corporations and governments around the world

5. NSA Ethics

5.1. Honesty vs Public Image

5.2. National Security vs Potential Public Harm