Emotional Stabilization

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Emotional Stabilization by Mind Map: Emotional Stabilization

1. Methods

1.1. Resource-Work

1.2. Breathing Techniques

1.2.1. Solar Plexus Imagination

1.3. Butterfly Hug

1.4. Protective Cover/Coat Imagination

1.5. Inner Safe Place

1.6. Inner Helper(s)

2. Settings

2.1. Groups

3. Fundamental Concepts

3.1. Few professionals know how to emotionally stabilize well - and that is a problem

3.2. The goal of any stabilization technique is the emotion

3.3. How do I know if the stabilization worked?

3.3.1. How to tell when your client is stabilized well

4. Related

5. Typical Issues

5.1. When stabilizing is difficult - stabilize!

5.2. Closing Eyes

6. Application Examples

6.1. Aftermath of the Barcelona Attack

6.1.1. After the Barcelona Attack - 15 minutes that make a difference

6.1.2. A city in shock