ECS in Group Settings (Clients)

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ECS in Group Settings (Clients) by Mind Map: ECS in Group Settings (Clients)

1. General Considerations

1.1. Increased Efficiency

2. FAQs

2.1. What to do when a major trauma comes up in a group?

2.1.1. SAFE Method

3. Processing

3.1. Processing of distressing experiences / trauma is limited in the group setting for obvious reasons:

3.1.1. delicacy of private matters that would be disclosed and shared with the group

3.1.2. necessary time for the 1-on-1 intervention which puts the group "on hold"

3.1.3. potential triggering of other group participants through processing a trauma in front of a group

4. Stabilization

4.1. Stabilizing a group is often more time-efficient than doing this with each person individually.

4.1.1. The compromise might be not to be able to dive into every opportunity to process material because of this setting