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Dry Run #2 by Mind Map: Dry Run #2

1. Stop CCv9 UAT

2. Preparation Tasks

3. Change claims/contacts number to Beazley format

4. Prepare examples for users test

5. Configure CCv9 PROD Octopus project

6. Set Script Parameters values

7. Build application packages

8. CCv9 PROD DB transactions log space check

9. Start Dry Run procedure

10. Deploy CC/CM to CCv9 DEV-MIG

11. Stop CCv9 DEV-MIG

12. Clean CCv9 PROD

13. Clean ActiveMQ

14. Recreate CC/CM v9 PROD DBs

15. Verify CC/CM v9 PROD DBs security configuration

16. Start WebGateway

17. Deploy CC/CM v9 PROD

18. Check applications status

19. Check integartion parameters

20. Copy full backup of CCv5 to US

21. Check policy systems

22. Deploy CC/CM to CCv9 UAT

23. CHECKPOINT: CCv9 envs and CCv5 backup ready

24. Prepare vendors import file

25. Verify Script Parameters

26. Administrative data import

27. Create activity pattern

28. Set accounting calendars

29. Corrections in organizational structure

30. CHECKPOINT: Config data is entered and vendors import file is ready

31. Build and test CM package with vendors import file

32. Deploy CM to production

33. CC and CM backup

34. Stop DMS and FTS queue in CM

35. Import vendors

36. Verify import

37. CHECKPOINT: Vendors succesfully imported

38. CC and CM backup

39. Check queues, batches and services

40. Create differential backup of CCv5 PROD

41. Copy differential backup to US

42. Restore full and differential backup on US SQL server

43. Copy full and differential backup to folder for CCv5 SYS restore

44. Redeploy CCv5 SYS with restore (without Financial Esc)

45. Apply changes in CCv5 SYS

46. Put CCv5 SYS DB to read-only mode

47. Verify read-only mode

48. Verify that landing zones are mounted

49. Verify migration parameters

50. CHECKPOINT: Can migration start

51. Run extraction

52. Run pre-migration processes

53. Run main migration

54. Run claims grouping

55. Load claims to operational tables

56. CHECKPOINT: Check migration status

57. Run transactions creation

58. Run claims closing

59. Consistency checks

60. Verify migration logs

61. Run reconciliation

62. CHECKPOINT: Check reconciliation is done and progress against the timeline

63. Check if services are stopped

64. Evaluate reconciliation report

65. Evaluate consistency checks

66. Check that vendors are linked

67. Check queues

68. Check integration parameters

69. Check script parameters

70. Backup CC and CM

71. Restore backup on DEV-MIG

72. Clean BI Inbound Area

73. Setup DEV-MIG to production mode

74. Redeploy CC/CM to DEV-MIG

75. Prepare DEV-MIG to initial feed

76. BI initial feed

77. Rebuild SOLR indexes

78. Enable AD and SSO

79. CHECKPOINT: Can user tests begin?

80. User tests #1


82. Change Webgateway config

83. Change SCM endpoint to PROD

84. Disable CCv9 DB backups

85. Turn on DB synchronization

86. Change BeazleyPro integration

87. Change BIC integration

88. Change CIPS integration

89. Change LES integration

90. Change Agresso integration

91. Change vendors acks integration

92. Enable FTS

93. CHECKPOINT: Integrations changed successfully

94. Start SCM services

95. Push outstanding SCMs to CCv9

96. Start IPLM Package Processing Batch

97. Turn on daily SCM job on iHub

98. Start ECF services

99. Resume FTS queue in CC

100. Resume FTS queue in CM

101. Verify vendors synchronization

102. Confirm selected vendors

103. Copy and send transaction acks to CCv9

104. Process several CCv5 transactions in Aggresso

105. Verify acks for transactions from CCv5

106. Download exchange rates

107. Resume CC/CM queues

108. User tests #2

109. CHEKPOINT: Can user tests begin

110. Confirm log files


112. Withdraw transactions from LES (TBC)

113. Stop all CC/CM queues

114. Extract updated Agresso Vendors

115. Clean up updated Agresso Vendors

116. Stop startable services

117. Stop FTS

118. Revert BIC integration

119. Revert CIPS integration

120. Revert LES integration

121. Revert BeazleyPro integration

122. Revert Agresso integration

123. Revert payments acks integration

124. Clean BI Inbound Area

125. Stop CC/CM

126. Drop CC/CM DBs

127. Start CCv5 UAT services

128. Revert DocVault integration

129. Resume payment acks for CCv5

130. Revert vendors acks integration

131. Reconciliation of ECF messages

132. Revert DEV-MIG to DEV mode

133. Change DocVault integration

134. Stop payment acks service for CCv5 (if Agresso is refreshed)

135. Process several transactions from CCv5 to Agresso (if Agresso is not refreshed)

136. SCMs reconciliation

137. Extract SCMs delta

138. Exclude PROD from WebGateway

139. Payment acks push for CCv5

140. Restart CC/CM

141. Start CC9 UAT

142. Disable all queues/batches/services

143. Send dummy transaction for acknowledged vendor

144. Void sent transaction

145. Restart nodes

146. Turn CC/CM off

147. Turn CC/CM on

148. GO LIVE CALL #2