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De-extinction by Mind Map: De-extinction

1. Con

1.1. Habitat

1.1.1. disturbing system

1.1.2. recreate long gone biome

1.1.3. impact on native species

1.1.4. bring back only to put them in zoo's?

1.2. Which species?

1.2.1. Who decides what species should be brought back?

1.2.2. Why bring back long gone species instead of recently extinct?

1.2.3. Only species gone because of humans?

1.3. Why?

1.3.1. Human guilt

1.3.2. Why use effort on de-extinction instead of convervation of current? Would distract Wouldn't we care even less? Hinder conservation effort

1.3.3. Should we create more endangered species? Would they be hunted again More humans than ever More habitat loss

1.3.4. Is human impact natural selection?

1.4. What if it goes wrong?

1.4.1. We do not know the impact

1.4.2. Complex equation Are we able to consider everything?

1.4.3. Kill all of them if it goes wrong?

1.4.4. Unintended consequenses

1.4.5. Create them to let them suffer? animal welfare

1.5. Problems

1.5.1. How do we get enough biodiversity

1.5.2. How do we know their habits and how do they know them?

1.5.3. What is our goal?

1.6. Responsibility

1.6.1. Who is responsible?

2. Pro

2.1. Use method to help endangered Species

2.2. provide scientific knowledge

2.3. Fill gap

2.4. Biodiversity