Core Idea LS4: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

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Core Idea LS4: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity by Mind Map: Core Idea LS4: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

1. Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity

1.1. Biological Evolution of species

1.1.1. Unity

1.1.2. Diversity

1.1.3. Scientific Evidence Fossils Dinosaurs Animals How are they made DNA Plants

1.1.4. Evolution related to natural selection various species adaptions

1.1.5. Shared traits with ancestors inheritance

2. Natural Selection

2.1. Extinction of Species

2.1.1. Unable to adapt to environment

2.1.2. No traits provided species with an advantage

2.2. Survival of the Fittest

2.3. Adapting to environment to survive

2.3.1. Passing on traits which provide an advantage to the next generation Can lead to new species Similarities of genetic material across all species

3. Adaptation

3.1. Environment changes

3.1.1. Resources Change Food Supply and Demand Reproduction of Food Prey Water Accessibility Preditors Threat

3.1.2. Physical Changes Weather Atmosphere

3.1.3. Biological Changes

3.2. Reproductive Advantage

3.2.1. Morphological Traits

3.2.2. Physiological Traits

3.2.3. Behavioral Traits

3.3. Successful Adaption leads to New Species

3.4. Is Ongoing

4. Biodiversity and Humans

4.1. Multiplicity

4.1.1. Genes

4.1.2. Species

4.1.3. EcoSystem

4.2. Renewable Resources

4.2.1. Food

4.2.2. Water

4.2.3. Medicine

4.3. EcoSystem Services

4.3.1. Climate Stabilization

4.3.2. Decomposition of Waste

4.3.3. Pollination

4.3.4. Healthy Ecosystem Services

4.4. Negative Human Effect

4.4.1. Habitat Distruction

4.4.2. Pollution or Air

4.4.3. Pollution of Water

4.4.4. Climate Change