A Road to a Career Goal: Marketing Strategist

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A Road to a Career Goal: Marketing Strategist by Mind Map: A Road to a Career Goal: Marketing Strategist

1. Prepare academically

1.1. At school

1.1.1. Earn M.Sc. in Marketing

1.1.2. Excel in classes Marketing Classes Leadership Classes Communication Classes

1.1.3. Keep up with readings Textbooks Articles Cases

1.1.4. Participate in discussion

1.1.5. Join Marketing Clubs Student Organization

1.1.6. Work on campus doing marketing

1.2. Off school

1.2.1. Group study

1.2.2. Read books Leadership John C Maxwell Steven Covey Malcolm Gladwell Dale Carnegie Marketing Books Personal Branding Brand Story-telling Marketing Strategy Communication Influence People Body language Media training Public speaking

1.2.3. Attend seminars and conferences Leadership Business Marketing

2. Networking

2.1. Keep an open mind when meeting new people

2.2. Get involved

2.2.1. at local church

2.2.2. Volunteer opportunities

2.3. Practice informational interview

2.4. Have an impressive LinkedIn profile

2.4.1. Update it

2.4.2. Have a career counselor review it

2.5. Attend networking events

2.6. Prepare conversational 20-30 seconds elevator speech

3. Execution

3.1. 1st-3rd Year After Graduation

3.1.1. Prioritize gathering related experience

3.1.2. Work at a start up company

3.1.3. Network with colleagues and managers

3.1.4. Create a project (if applicable)

3.2. 4th year onwards

3.2.1. Find bigger companies

3.2.2. Aim for managerial level

3.2.3. Aim to create a project