Antoinette Martin-Hanson

Strategic Planning Map for class

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Antoinette Martin-Hanson by Mind Map: Antoinette Martin-Hanson

1. Home

1.1. Will give a brief overview of what I do and will illustrate images of my work in order to advertise my abilities.

2. Bit About Me

2.1. This page will have a general descriptor of what I am an artist have been up to and some of my most recent accomplishments

2.1.1. This page I would want to add a link to sub-pages with my headshots and my resume. I would also want to create a link to my contact me page.

3. Get In Touch

3.1. This page would be set up so that people viewing this page can contact me to offer me jobs and opportunities.

3.1.1. This page has a contact me text box that people can fill out to get a hold of me to talk about my work.

4. Course Projects

4.1. I created this page so I can connect my projects for this class onto this page for my professor.

4.1.1. There will be places on the page to connect to sub-pages where my projects for this class will be.

5. Tag line for the page

5.1. The purpose of this website is to help me, as an artist, advertise my self to future employers and the general public.