Learning From And Learning With Technology

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Learning From And Learning With Technology by Mind Map: Learning From And Learning With Technology

1. Information Resource

1.1. new literacies

1.1.1. students develop skills to understand the information that is available to them

1.2. creating conceptual space

1.2.1. information is readily available and less mental data space is needed for solving problems

2. Interactive Learning Tool

2.1. digital game based learning

2.1.1. games to communicate and collaborate

2.2. online gifted programs

2.2.1. classes to help when students need something more than their school can offer

2.3. flipped classroom

2.3.1. reverse of the learning process (students watch videos, learn lesson content at home and class time is used for feedback and support)

3. Communication Tool

3.1. video conferencing

3.1.1. two way video conferences individually or with groups

3.2. social networking

3.2.1. virtual interaction with others who have the same interest, values

3.3. online publishing

3.3.1. internet use to develop and share ideas and products

3.4. telementoring

3.4.1. mentoring through the internet

4. Classroom Instruction and Interaction

4.1. chalk alternative

4.1.1. interactive whiteboards

4.2. assistive technology

4.2.1. translating text, speech to text, mind mapping

4.3. assessment

4.3.1. benchmarks, summative assessments, formative assessments

4.4. podcasting

4.4.1. audio recordings, record a lesson and place it online

4.5. e-books

4.5.1. electronic textbooks

5. Production Tool

5.1. productivity tools and cloud comparing

5.1.1. students can create, explore, organize, and do presentations

5.2. video and sound editing

5.2.1. creating, editing, and sharing videos

5.3. programming

5.3.1. computer programming, writing activities, computer code