Darius John

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Darius John by Mind Map: Darius John

1. Childhood

1.1. Played video games

1.1.1. watched boomerang hit my head, rushed to hospital very active kid, involved with sports

2. Education

2.1. Aventura K-8

2.1.1. Everglades High School Broward College UCF

3. Important Dates

3.1. Turned 16

3.1.1. Received my first car Graduated High School First in the family to received AA Degree

4. Work Information

4.1. Publix

4.1.1. Stadium Security Uber/Lyft driver Longer Shoremen

5. Personal Interests

5.1. Camaro

5.1.1. Donks (old school classic cars) Playing Football/Basketball Going out to eat

6. My Facebook

6.1. Darius John