Carmats4u / BCD Drop Shipping App

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Carmats4u / BCD Drop Shipping App by Mind Map: Carmats4u / BCD Drop Shipping App

1. Will login Using his Username & Password

2. Dashboard Settings

3. Login directly to his Dashboard from Shopify APP

4. 3rd Party tool for CRM

5. Dashboard

5.1. Inovice Tab

5.1.1. Payment Info details

5.2. Settings Tab

5.2.1. Customer Support

5.2.2. Graphics Upload For Shopify the product image will be directly uploaded through API. For Non-Shopify Product image Upload section will be there

5.2.3. Customer Information

5.2.4. Order Managemt Tab Order Recieved Approved Order Processed Archived Orders All Orders

6. Shopify Vendor

6.1. Login into Shopify Backend

6.1.1. Go to Apps and Click to login

7. Non-Shopify Vendor

7.1. Will Come to Carmats4U/ BCD landing page

7.1.1. Will Click on Login

8. Carmats4U

9. Admin Dashboard / Vendor Management

9.1. New request recieved

9.2. Approved Vendors

9.2.1. Shopify Vendor

9.2.2. Non-Shopify Vendor

9.3. Pending for Approval

9.4. Canceled Vendors