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Janrain by Mind Map: Janrain

1. Components

1.1. Capture

1.1.1. Database Schema

1.2. Engage

1.2.1. Social providers

1.2.2. Widget

1.3. API Clients

1.3.1. Used to make authenticated requests against the Identity Cloud REST APIs. access_issuer direct_access direct_read_access login_client metadata owner API Clients can be customized to what they can access and modify

1.4. Flow file

1.4.1. Provides a configuration layer between client-side elements of registration UI and EntityType where data is stored

1.4.2. Defines the fields to be collected by the Registration UI

1.4.3. Allows data validation rules

1.4.4. Performs computation logic

2. Integrations

2.1. Widget based

2.2. API based

2.3. Mobile

3. Administration tools

3.1. Console

3.2. Dashboard


3.3.1. Flow Configuration API Translation API CRUD operations Examples

3.3.2. Entity and EntityType API Examples

3.3.3. Authentication API Generate token

3.3.4. Partner API

3.3.5. Advanced Policy Manager API

3.3.6. Social API

3.3.7. Legacy Clients and Settings API


4.1. Securely

4.1.1. Capture and manage User identity Profile data

4.1.2. Control User access to applications and services To login web sites and mobile applications

4.1.3. Handle Transactions and Private data

4.2. Offers a number of features

4.2.1. Registration

4.2.2. Login

4.2.3. Self-service account management

4.2.4. User preference

4.2.5. Consent management

4.2.6. Single Sign-on

4.3. Assist

4.3.1. Data security

4.3.2. Data governance