The Silver Linings Playbook

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The Silver Linings Playbook by Mind Map: The Silver Linings Playbook

1. Summary

1.1. -Eye-opening novel about mental illness

1.1.1. -Protagonist: Pat Peoples, suffers from bipolar and was recently released from a psychiatric facility

1.1.2. Obsessed with getting his wife back

1.1.3. Sheds light on different obstacles people with mental illness face

2. Characterization

2.1. Development of Pat:

2.2. Beginning of book:

2.3. -Wasn't taking medication, was just released from hospital, was unstable

2.4. “Lying down on my bed, I pick up the picture of Nikki and tell her all about my date and how I gave the waitress a nice tip and how sad Tiffany seems and how I can’t wait for apart time to end so Nikki and I can share some raisin bran at some diner and walk through the cool early September air-and then I am crying again.” (Quick 71)

2.5. Emphasizes how Pat's mind is emotionally unstable and always running

2.6. Does not have control over what he is thinking

2.6.1. End of book:

2.6.2. Pat is taking all his medication, has closure and more support in this life

2.6.3. "It is a strange thing for her to say, so far removed from a regular woman's "I love you," and yet probably more true. It feels good to hold Tiffany close to me, and I remember what my mother said back when I tried to get rid of my friend by asking her to go to the diner with me." (Quick 288)

2.6.4. Punctuation shows he has his thoughts back and is control of his mind

2.6.5. Has gotten closure from his divorce and is moving on with a new woman

3. Themes

3.1. The role of stigmas:

3.1.1. Self-esteem issues

3.1.2. Pat struggles with self esteem issues, workout addiction, eating disorder

3.1.3. Caused by the longing for approval from his wife

3.1.4. “I am very hungry, and the pain in my stomach increases as I run, which I relish because it means I am losing weight.” (Quick 143)

3.1.5. “[...] I climb the stairs, turn off the ventilation fan, slip into my old winter sleeping bag, zipper it up so only my face is exposed, and then sweat away the pounds.” (Quick 34)

3.1.6. “The August haze is thick, perfect for burning fat.” (Quick 4)

3.1.7. Feelings of worthlessness and undeserving of love

3.1.8. Pressure from himself, stigmas and other people

3.2. Negative perception on those with mental illness

3.2.1. Real Life Connection Howie Mandel's Story Accidentally exposed his mental illness Thought he had humiliated himself and his family As a young child he was already being affected by stigmas

3.2.2. Bell Lets Talk Day

3.2.3. Break the silence, raise money, stop stigmas

3.3. Seen as unpredictable, dangerous or agressive

3.4. “She looks scared[...] as if I am no longer human, but some wild hulking animal.” (Quick 23)

3.5. “He hates me. He looks repulsed, like it is a chore to sit in the family room watching the game with his mentally messed-up son.” (Quick 31)

3.6. “I feel as though Dr. Timbers was right about me-that I don’t belong in the real world, because I am uncontrollable and dangerous.” (Quick 108)

4. Metaphor

4.1. “It hurts to look at the clouds, but it also helps, like most things that cause pain.” (Quick 19)

4.2. Extended Metaphor

4.3. Clouds symbolize life and how, often people must go through darkness to reach the light

5. Overall Point

5.1. Everyone is affected by mental illness

5.2. mental illness can be very harmful but is not the end

5.3. mental illness affects your whole life

6. Interactive component

6.1. Show a series of photos, explain how mental illness could affect these parts of life

6.1.1. Take this quiz! Winnie The Pooh Mental Disorders