The Soul

visualizing the soul brainstorm

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The Soul by Mind Map: The Soul

1. culture

1.1. worldwide belief

1.1.1. japan believe the soul weighs 21 grams "weight of the soul"

1.1.2. european christianity

1.1.3. native american cultures

1.1.4. (ancient) egypt weigh the feather of the soul on the scale anubis believed the soul was divided into five part ib: heart (emotions and thoughts; scale) sheut: shadow (essence of person, codependent on human) ren: name (live as long as name lives) ba: personality (spirit; bird) ka: life force (leaves body during death)

1.2. "soul" things

1.2.1. food

1.2.2. music

1.3. representation in pop culture

1.3.1. movies robots

1.3.2. literature

1.4. soul as morals

1.4.1. morality

1.4.2. identity

1.4.3. linked to empathy

1.4.4. "do you have a soul?"

2. religion

2.1. spans multiple religions

2.1.1. abrahamic christianity heaven versus hell possession angels vs devils/demons judaism islam

2.1.2. hinduism karma, rebirth ganges river

2.1.3. bhuddism

2.1.4. ancient greek underworld charon transports the souls of the dead across the styx fields of asphodel: ordinary souls mourning fields: specifically for souls who wasted their lives on unrequited love elysium: good people isle of the blessed: if reincarnated three times and acheived elysium three times, went to isle of the blessed

2.1.5. norse mythology go to vahalla or something

2.2. reincarnation

3. philosophy

3.1. "the eyes are the window to the soul"

3.2. "good soul"

3.3. (ancient) greek and early wester

3.3.1. ensouled meant alive

3.3.2. believed life depended on soul thought soul went to hell/hades no hope of returning

3.3.3. aristotle intellect was the only immortal part of the soul types of souls plant: vegetative animals: sensitive humans: rational

3.3.4. socrates and plato "essence of a person"

3.4. eastern philosophy

3.4.1. avincenna: "floating man" humans still have conscious thought despite non physical sensations

3.4.2. a soul is a substance

4. science

4.1. no scientific evidence

4.2. neuroscience depends on brain; no place for soul

4.2.1. incompatible with quantum field theory in physics

4.3. its weighs 21 grams yes this is a scientific fact

5. defining the soul

5.1. beyond physical restraints

5.1.1. true self

5.1.2. identity

5.1.3. versus identity internal vs external conflict

5.1.4. psyche

5.2. aura

5.2.1. colors

5.2.2. spirituality

5.2.3. energy karma "you get what you put in" seeds sown, harvesting

5.3. shape

5.3.1. shapes left behind

5.4. life force

5.4.1. what is a human without a "soul"?

5.4.2. vital breath leave with death? presence left behind entity that leaves the physical body consider soul as what is remembered? do you forget who you are when you die and are just a soul?

5.4.3. transfer of life soul stays same but body changes (religion/reincarnation)

5.4.4. self

5.5. emotions, personality

5.5.1. psychology

5.5.2. mind

5.5.3. consciousness self awareness, awareness of living

5.5.4. desires unconscious conscious

6. visualization

6.1. ghost, shade-like

6.1.1. after death magical creatures haunting people concept of unfinished business

6.2. shadow

6.2.1. reflection of human

6.2.2. human form

6.3. colors/aura

6.3.1. divination

6.3.2. synesthesia

6.4. empty space

6.4.1. formerly filled spaces

6.4.2. weight of the emptiness

6.5. heart or organ/physical aspect of human

6.6. unique aspects of people

6.6.1. accessories

6.6.2. hair

6.6.3. clothes

6.7. machines and robots

6.7.1. artificial intelligence

6.7.2. pop culture

7. art

7.1. art historical context

7.2. artists

7.3. materials

7.3.1. charcoal blurry, darks vs lights

7.3.2. photography aura camera high contrast blurry/visual effects body horror horror movies?

7.3.3. fabric, sheets