Pastoral Evangelism: LEARNING

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Pastoral Evangelism: LEARNING by Mind Map: Pastoral Evangelism: LEARNING

1. What?

1.1. What helped you find faith?

1.1.1. When did you *become* a Christian?

1.1.2. Setting

1.1.3. People

1.1.4. Approach

1.1.5. Share with another person Commonalities Differences

2. So What?

2.1. Gospel

2.1.1. Matthew 11:25-30

2.1.2. What does this passage suggest about… how we learn? how we support learning? being yoked

3. Now What?

3.1. How do people find faith?

3.1.1. Compare Evangelism Models Proclamatory Believe Process Eg: Alpha Believe/Belong Pastoral responsive model Always Becoming