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Back pain is a common condition which most people will experience to some extent during their lifetime. It is also one of the most common reasons why people come for acupuncture treatment.

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City Acupuncture New York by Mind Map: City Acupuncture New York

1. A lot of people talk about acupuncture for fertility, and of course I love that as a concept. However, the point of this post is not to sell you on a service, rather I want to clearly list a couple of TTC tips you can do for yourself, at home, for free, that will increase your chances.

2. Acupressure (commonly called by it's Chinese name Tui na) is a form of Chinese medical massage. It is based on the same principles as acupuncture, but uses finger pressure to stimulate points rather than needles.

3. For fertility support, dietary therapy can be extremely helpful. Healthy qi, blood and essence are all essential for good fertility. These can be nourished by eating foods which benefit the Spleen, Kidneys, Heart and Liver.

4. Acupuncture for Autoimmune Balance

5. Acupuncture for Celiac Disease

6. Acupuncture is beneficial for mental health as well as it relieves pain and improves many physical symptoms. It regulates the levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and changes the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also affects the wavelengths at which the brain functions likewise to deep meditation. This helps to reduce stress and improve sleep. Fulton Street, East Village, Columbus Circle & Bed Stuy Acupuncture Services

6.1. Get Acupuncture Treatment with Affordable Budget -

7. As back pain is a common condition for most of the people nowadays, our acupuncturist provides the treatment according to the needs of the patient's condition.

7.1. City Acupuncture | Conditions Treated | Back Pain

7.2. Acupuncture For Allergies

7.2.1. There are many different types of allergies and dermatitis. Many inflammation sufferers would benefit from a therapy that addresses the root cause of inflammation, treating it from the inside, out. And that is where acupuncture and Chinese medicine come in.