Conditional Tenses

Revising Conditional Tenses in English

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Conditional Tenses by Mind Map: Conditional Tenses

1. Third Conditional

1.1. Past Perfect & Would Have + Past Participle

1.1.1. The person is imagining a different past

1.1.2. Imagirany situation that did not happen

2. Second Conditional

2.1. Past Simple & Would + Verb

2.1.1. Hypothetical or unlikely situations

2.1.2. Unreal or improbable situation now or in the future

3. First Conditional

3.1. Present Simple & Will / Won't + Verb

3.1.1. A possibl esituation in the future

3.1.2. Predicting a likely result in the future (if the condition happens)

4. Zero Conditional

4.1. Present Simple & Present Simple

4.1.1. The condition always has the same result

4.1.2. Facts which are generally true or scientific facts