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Communication by Mind Map: Communication

1. New scenarios

1.1. The globalization create new scenarios to do communication.

1.1.1. social media, digital news, influencers, digital strategies, storytellings

2. Intrapersonal

2.1. When you talk with yourself

2.1.1. The schedule of your day and week

2.1.2. When you talk with yourself The schedule of your day and week

3. Group

3.1. The communication is focus in a rank 2-15 persons.

3.1.1. Informal talk and communication, familiar words,

4. Mass

4.1. Communicate massive messages in different media.

4.1.1. Television, new, radios, web pages.

5. Busines

5.1. Give the most important information related to the business company.

5.1.1. Reports, suggestions mailbox, meetings, news, investigations, press releases, announcements

5.2. The hierarchy of employees

6. Organization

6.1. when it is a public institution, consists of the process of issuing and receiving messages within a complex organization.

6.1.1. Your social character Its disciplinary nature Its technical nature and activities.