MSHS Tech Coordinator Responsibilities

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MSHS Tech Coordinator Responsibilities by Mind Map: MSHS Tech Coordinator Responsibilities

1. App Prototyping and Review

1.1. Prototyping Process

1.2. Tech Toolkit

1.3. Tracking App Subscriptions

1.4. Reviewing Paid App Analytics

2. PD Support for Teachers

2.1. Sharing Tools and Resources

2.1.1. Tech Stories

2.2. Tech Toolkit Trainings

2.3. Setting Expectations for Tech Integration

2.4. Updating Tech Connect

3. Budgeting

3.1. App Prototyping

3.2. Makerspace Resources

3.3. Additional R&D

3.4. iPads for departments

4. Vietnam Tech Conference

4.1. Updating content for site

4.2. Recruiting presenters and participants

4.3. Coaching Lightning Talk Presenters

4.4. Working with Advancement and Operations on logistics

5. Unit Planning with Teachers

5.1. Identify units and assessments that lend themselves to tech integration

5.2. Attend collaborative planning meetings and coach teachers on tech integration

5.3. Support tech rich I-Block classes

6. Beginning of the Year

6.1. Orientations for Faculty, Students, Parents

6.2. Whole Faculty training on any tech issues for the year

6.3. Setup of Hapara Classes and Rosters

6.4. Setup of Haiku classes, linking of rosters

7. Digital Literacy Classes

7.1. Articulate and Update a Digital Literacy Scope and Sequence

7.2. Curate Digital Resources to support student Digital Literacy Pathways

7.3. Track Digital Literacy progress of students

7.4. Give feedback and support to students regarding their Digital Literacy progress

8. Digital Citizenship

8.1. Aligning DigCit curriculum with MS and HS classes and curricula

8.2. Planning and implementing HS Digital Citizenship Weeks in Fall and Spring

8.3. Modeling and training teachers and students on Responsible Use Agreements

9. Tech Visioning

9.1. Help inspire, coordinate, develop, and socialize a coherent vision for ed tech

9.1.1. Tech Visioning from Spring 2018

9.1.2. Tech Visioning from Spring 2019

9.2. Help develop a plan that actions the recommendations in the EdTech Audit

10. Trainings for Parents

10.1. Understanding the iGen

10.2. Parenting in the Digital Age

10.3. Sticks and Stones of Cyberspace

11. Tech Support for Teachers

11.1. Help teachers use Google Sheets to manipulate class data effectively

11.2. Set up custom scripts and mail merges for teachers to manage calendars, equipment

11.3. Assist teachers in building custom websites when needed