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Edristan by Mind Map: Edristan

1. Seasons

1.1. Raincome

1.1.1. raining everyday

1.1.2. wet season in the year Night Stay in side Day Teaching/Studying Planting

1.1.3. 15.c-20.c temp

1.2. Drywane

1.2.1. Dry season in the year Night sleeping Making clothes Day Hunting Making medicine Teaching/Studying

1.2.2. 35.c-40.c temp

1.2.3. reading for raincome

2. Food

2.1. Main foods

2.1.1. Fluid foods Honey Grain Liquid

2.1.2. Solid Foods Meat Fish Fruits

2.2. Others

2.2.1. Leaves

2.2.2. Bart of trees

3. Cities

3.1. Main cities

3.1.1. Lapool Learing maths & science/ fighting Advanced technology Making guns Making vehicals Big buildings Houses

3.1.2. Glaco

3.2. Other

3.2.1. Sobus