Healthcare Information Technologies

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Healthcare Information Technologies by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technologies

1. Patient Portal

1.1. Electronic location where patient can access records, schedules, notes, and bills.

2. Medical Practice Management

2.1. The in-office system for scheduling, billing, and patient care.

3. Electronic Health Records

3.1. Allows practitioners to record/log patient info and share between offices.

4. Patient Billing

4.1. Includes medical coding and billing to insurance.

5. Electronic Prescriptions

5.1. Allows ease of prescribing for both practitioner and patient.

6. Healthcare Mobile Applications

6.1. An application on a smart phone where practitioners and patient can easily communicate with one another and access records, or where the patient can record their own healthcare information to later be transcribed to their doctor or medical professional.

7. Governmental Registries

7.1. Where government agencies store information such a disease registries or death records of an epidemic.