Oral Language Activities

Various oral language activities I have been involved in throughout my schooling.

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Oral Language Activities by Mind Map: Oral Language Activities

1. Popcorn Read

1.1. Teachers wanted students to read out loud one by one but students who were not reading were to remain sitting quiet.

1.2. We were to sit and then answer the questions that the teacher made from the text individually.

2. Plays

2.1. Every student was required to participate by reenacting a piece of a book.

2.2. The book was read by the teacher and we would discuss the events happening in the story.

3. Summarized Reading Speeches

3.1. As a class a chapter book was read. Students were assigned a chapter and are to discuss important key events that impacted the story the most from their chapter.

3.2. There was discussions after the students expressed their key points and any questions were asked.

4. Oral Group Presentations

4.1. Every group was assigned a topic and student are all required to speak during the presentation.

4.2. Everyone was involved, in the end of every presentation students would ask questions.