Project delayed

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Project delayed by Mind Map: Project delayed

1. More work force

1.1. Cost factor

1.2. Time Management

1.3. More Workforce means more Management positions

1.3.1. Cost factor

1.3.2. Where do we find another fit fir the position

1.4. Whene there a re more people on the side you would need more equipment

1.5. How many is needed?

2. Different Work Hours

2.1. How do people get to the side

2.1.1. Bus organised by company Costs Different Offers

2.2. Siiesta Break

2.2.1. from when to when?

2.3. Daylight

2.3.1. Building lights Opperating Costs Renting cost Amount?

2.3.2. from when to when?

2.4. Shift System

2.4.1. Two Shifts From when to When? Two different shifts? If yes monthly salary needs to be accordingly

3. Climate

3.1. Temperature is super high

3.1.1. from when to when?

3.2. light hours

4. Communuication

4.1. To Subcontractoors: The delivery of the new goods must be on point so that there is no delay due to missing goods

4.1.1. People might expect the delay to remeain