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PWP by Mind Map: PWP

1. Active User

1.1. DB

1.1.1. My Quotatoins Request a Quotation Quotation History Retirement Planner

1.1.2. My Details About Me About My Membership My Document Library My Online Request Change my Details

1.1.3. Contact Us

1.2. DC

1.2.1. My Additional Voluntary Contributions How much am I Saving each month? My contribution History What is my latest fund value What units have I brought to date? Switch my current investments between funds Change my AVC's

1.2.2. My Details

1.2.3. Contact Us

2. Defered User

2.1. DB

2.1.1. MyQuotations Request a quotation Quotatiion History Retirement Planner

2.2. DC

2.2.1. My additional Vooluntary Contributions Contribution hIstory LAst Fund Value Units Brought Swiytch current investment between funds

3. In Pay User (Retired)

3.1. My Pensions

3.1.1. Where is my pension paid

3.1.2. My P60

3.1.3. My Payslips

3.1.4. My Pension Payement

4. Change Password

5. Change Memorable Word

6. Change Security Questions

7. FAQ

8. Scheme Library

9. Pension terms