Rubbish in the school

Art project

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Rubbish in the school by Mind Map: Rubbish in the school

1. After collecting all the rubbish we have found in our playground... we are going to list them and find solutions!

2. Plastic bottles

2.1. We could create a pot for pencils or crayons.

3. Tupperware

3.1. We could give it another use: keep the paint wet.

4. aluminium foil

4.1. We could create sculptures and decorate our school or class.

5. carton

5.1. We can use it to make a new artistic task.

6. tetrabriks

6.1. We could create a wallet.

7. cans

7.1. We could use them to keep our pen and pencils collected.

8. organic waste

8.1. We could make compost for our green garden.

9. Also, we can recicle them in the correct container!