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101 Goals by Mind Map: 101 Goals

1. Friends & Family

1.1. Take Mum on safari

1.2. Take Mum to Latin America

1.3. Take Dad to Recanati, Italy

1.4. Travel with Tom and Petra

1.5. Stay in a castle with the whole family

1.6. Host a poker game (not online)

1.7. Cook a 3-course meal for 5 friends

2. Things to learn

2.1. Learn Spanish to a conversational level

2.2. Learn to juggle three balls

2.3. Learn a new programming language to the level at which I would be happy applying for a job using it

2.4. Learn sign language (either BSL or ASL)

2.5. Do a wine tasting course

2.6. Do course in public speaking

3. Foreign places to visit

3.1. Barcelona

3.2. Prague

3.3. Scandinavia

3.4. Africa

3.5. Berlin

4. Days out in the UK

4.1. Go on a traditional picnic

4.2. Visit Stonehenge

4.3. Visit York

4.4. Have a curry on curry mile

4.5. Do a tour of London sights

4.6. Sail on a canal boat

4.7. Plant a tree

4.8. Go to Warner Bros London for Harry Potter Tour

4.9. Do a murder mystery weekend

5. Outdoor adventure

5.1. Live in a foreign country for five months

5.2. Take a trapeze class

5.3. Go sphereing

5.4. Fly in a hot air balloon

5.5. Hire a car in a foreign country

5.6. Go white water rafting

5.7. Climb one of the seven summits

5.8. Climb an active volcano

5.9. Go on safari

5.10. Go on a sailing trip

5.11. Watch a total eclipse

5.12. See the Aurora Borealis

5.13. Spend New Year away from my hometown

5.14. Couch-surf in a foreign country

6. Health

6.1. Do yoga or pilates every day for a month

6.2. Go swimming twice a week on average for three months

6.3. Go jogging twice a week on average for three months

6.4. Do a self defense class

6.5. Try a different kind of yoga

7. Financial milestones

7.1. Pay off credit card and overdrafts

7.2. Start repaying student loan

7.3. Pay off parents

7.4. Set aside £10 for every goal completed

8. I.T

8.1. Create a portfolio website

8.2. Find a googlewhack

9. Books

9.1. Read five books about different cultures by foreign writers

9.2. Read Freakonomics and Super freakonomics

9.3. Read ten of the Short Introduction books

9.4. Read (or listen to with Audible) five biographies or auto-biographies

9.5. Read the top 100 books in the BBC Big Read (making sure to re-read any that I’ve already read and don’t remember clearly)

9.6. Read all unread books before buying new ones

10. Things to create

10.1. Write a book for National Novel Writing Month

10.2. Do a cookery class

10.3. Make my own pasta

10.4. Grow a bonsai tree

10.5. Make my own pizza from scratch

10.6. Make a random recipe from a cookbook every day for a week

10.7. Bake 5 different kinds of bread

10.8. Make 5 different types of ice-cream

10.9. Make a gingerbread house

10.10. Carve something out of wood

10.11. Make Mexican chilli sauces

11. Arts

11.1. Go to a music festival outside of the UK

11.2. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe for a week

11.3. See a play in the West End starring Kevin Spacey

11.4. Go to Carnival in Cologne

11.5. See an orchestra

11.6. See a Disney musical theatre production

12. Qualifications

12.1. First aid certification

12.2. BSL Level 1 qualification

13. Scuba diving

13.1. Complete Rescue Diver course

13.2. Complete 5 specialities

13.3. Complete Divemaster course

13.4. Cenote diving in Mexico

13.5. Dive in Cozumel

14. Do for other people

14.1. Donate blood

14.2. Volunteer in a local community

14.3. Raise £150 for charity

14.4. Lend $250 in Kiva loans

14.5. Have someone couchsurf at my house

14.6. Be complaint-free for 21 days (

14.7. Buy a meal for a homeless person

14.8. Participate in Donate a Day project

14.9. Volunteer at a hospice

14.10. Become a 'yes man' for a week

14.11. Help another person complete a 101 project goal

15. Animals

15.1. Swim or dive with sharks in the wild

15.2. Swim with dolphins in the wild

15.3. Swim or dive with whales in the wild

15.4. See a turtle in the wild

15.5. Ride an elephant

15.6. Release baby turtles

16. Meta-goals

16.1. Do 100 day updates

17. List-related goals

17.1. Make a list of 101 things I love