Sustainable Living

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Sustainable Living by Mind Map: Sustainable Living

1. Planned Obsolescence

1.1. Apple Phones

1.1.1. Device which can take phone apart and replace obsolete parts with new and updated ones.

1.2. Electrical products

1.2.1. Lifespan extended by using different type of power

2. Perceived Obsolescence

2.1. Football kits

2.1.1. Can have removable badges and shirt numbers. Also grows with you

2.2. Video Games

2.2.1. A piece of software that updates a game to the new version every time one comes out.

2.3. Clothing items

2.3.1. Grow with you. Possibility to change colour

3. Party items

3.1. Balloons

3.1.1. Can deflate and fill up. Also cant be popped

3.2. Poppers

3.2.1. Can be refilled

3.3. Hats

3.3.1. Not easily ripped

3.4. plates

3.4.1. Are not ripped. Reusable

3.5. Candles

3.5.1. Long Lasting.

4. Food Items

4.1. Wine Bottles

4.1.1. Device which can refill wine bottles with same wine for cheaper price.

4.2. Plastic Packaging

4.2.1. Plastic container to hold items(reusable)

4.3. Plastic Cartons

4.3.1. Refillable

5. Clothing Items

5.1. Shoes

5.1.1. Can be adjusted to different sizes

5.2. Pants and socks

5.2.1. Easily change design with sticker

5.3. Tops

6. Toys

6.1. Action figures

6.1.1. Can be reassembled into household items. E.G Toothbrush

6.2. Play houses

6.2.1. Can be reassembled into an enclosure for pets

7. Furniture

7.1. Household

7.1.1. Chairs Adjustable for different shapes and sizes

7.2. Office

7.2.1. Tables adapted to workers environment