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My Support Information by Mind Map: My Support Information

1. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

1.1. Create Fillable linked forms

1.1.1. General Questions Do you want the fields to have a bounding box or a shaded section to clearly display inputted data? Should the font on the inputted data be different to the form template? Do you need to state the 100 character limit or can we lock the response fields to 100 characters? Should the yes no for accessible be colour coded? Should the forms be optimised for screen or print? Are legal signatures needed for the form ? Can the layout be altered in any way?

1.1.2. Content Page? All About Me Can the question about Ward of Court be asked when they no longer exist? Can the question about voting be asked? Should it be Pharamist or Pharmacy on pg6 Self Administration of Medication Person Emergency Evacuation Plan Seizure Monitoring Record Intimate Care Plan Residential Contract of Care Financial Passport It's my Life UTE

1.2. Storage/ Share

1.2.1. SJOG Server Shared Folders Individual Folder


1.3.1. How to solve the issue of multiple accounts access the file and the request to rename the file each time? Could you initial it? What alternative naming conventions could be used? An email notification will need to be sent to other supports

2. Assessments

3. Database extraction

3.1. Will Adobe talk to the new database