Library Integration

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Library Integration by Mind Map: Library Integration

1. PLT's

1.1. Formative Assessments

1.1.1. SchoolNet for Math

1.1.2. ActiVote or ActivExpressions

1.1.3. Quizziz/Kahoot

1.2. Digital Literacy Integration in lessons

1.2.1. Authentic products; tools for learning

1.3. Science Integration in Lessons

1.4. Examples: inquiry-based or makerspace lessons (whole or small group); digital products

1.5. Teacher Support with Engagement Strategies

1.5.1. Station work Digital Tools See Saw Discovery Education Google Apps FlipGrid Formative Assessment Tools

1.5.2. Collaborative Lessons

2. Reading Incentive Program

2.1. "Reading Rainbow Reporters" use PadCaster to make videos that report on books, kids who are completing bingo cards, etc. to build excitement for reading.

3. Stakeholder Meeting on how to handle library check-out schedule