EM-CVIA Portal (Home)

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EM-CVIA Portal (Home) by Mind Map: EM-CVIA Portal (Home)

1. Program-Wide Guidance

1.1. Initiative Status (Smartsheet)

1.2. Portfolio Snapshot (Smartsheet or pdf?)

1.3. Operational Guidance -(e.g. Templates from Box)

1.4. Formal Guidelines and COPs (Box)

2. Projects

2.1. Project Landing Pages (Smartsheet Dashboard published to SharePoint)

2.1.1. Risk Registers (Smartsheet)

2.1.2. Rosters (Smartsheet)

2.1.3. Travel Calendars (Smartsheet)

2.1.4. Project Files (Box, Veeva, Salesforce etc.)

2.2. Project Dashboards (Smartsheet Dashboards)

2.2.1. Risk Registers (Smartsheet)

2.2.2. Rosters (Smartsheet)

2.2.3. Schedule/Detailed Timeline (Smartsheet)

3. Portfolio

3.1. Risk Roll-up (Tableau )

3.1.1. Risk Registers (Smartsheet)

3.2. Roster Roll-up (Tableau)

3.2.1. Team Rosters (Smartsheet)

3.3. Project Schedule/Detailed Timelines (Smartsheet)

3.4. Project Tactical Plans (Box)

3.5. Project Annual Objective Status