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ALAX - Gameloft by Mind Map: ALAX - Gameloft

1. Their concerns

1.1. Users

1.1.1. Provide plan to build user in short and long term?

1.2. Markets

1.2.1. SEA, China, India, Japan,... and worldwide?

1.3. Legal

1.3.1. Legal site for blockchain or token in targeted market?

1.4. Stability

1.4.1. Have we planned for 3 years business, and in long term?

1.5. Support

1.5.1. Do we have friendly-use plugin, support team?

2. Profitable

2.1. Inapp purchases

2.2. Ads

2.3. Old paid games

3. Strength

3.1. Big group with 31 sub-companies

3.2. A lot of games

3.2.1. Our greatest reward is seeing that 1 million new Gameloft games are downloaded every day.

3.3. Popular games

4. Weakness

4.1. Short life span games

4.2. Many hit games were borrowed ideas from other games - Less creativity

5. Opportunities

5.1. Many games on ALAX Store

5.2. Co-branding activities

5.3. Easier to target to other studios

5.4. Simple payment method could reach million users daily