Defending North America

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Defending North America by Mind Map: Defending North America

1. The Scrapping of the Avro Arrow

1.1. For the Scrapping of the Avro Arrow -The project was far too expensive for the Canadian government to afford. -The cancellation of the project saved the government’s money and the possible increase in taxes if the plan had continued. -If Canada had created the Avro Arrow, it could’ve caused another Arms Race between Canada and another country especially in the increased tensions of the Cold War Climate -At the time, there was no need for a new fighter plane to be created, since there was no active war between Canada and another country. It would’ve been an unnecessary measure that Canada would have wasted resources, time, money, and priority on.

1.2. Against the Scrapping of the Avro Arrow -It put 15,000 people out of work. -It could’ve made Canada the new technological power, on a global scale. -A decent amount of the scientists and engineers working on the Avro Arrow, left in order to work for NASA after the project was scrapped. -The Avro Arrow could have changed the course of The Cold War. It would have aided the U.S by showing the Soviet Union that the U.S had allies. This could have possibly threatened them into submission.

2. Canada's Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons in 1963

2.1. For Canada’s Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons The acceptance of nuclear weapons ensured success and defense should the war occur It would create new jobs in Canada. Mutually assured destruction would stop the legitimate threat of nuclear bombs. It establishes Canada as a force to be reckoned with. Meaning countries who underestimate Canada as an asset in war, will do such no longer. The threat of nuclear annihilation would stop potential conflicts.

2.2. Against Canada’s Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons It would be hypocritical due to Canada’s relation with the UN. There is the risk of accidental detonation. If the nuclear weapon is used it would cause a nuclear winter to occur, ending life as we know it. The Earth would require decades to centuries to recover from the event. If detonated, not only would the initial explosion kill people, but more people would die from radiation poisoning.

3. Canada's Role in The Cuban Missile Crisis

3.1. For Canada’s Role in The Cuban Missile Crisis -It was Canada’s responsibility and duty to support the U.S due to formation of NORAD. If we did not play a role, it could have caused conflict in NORAD. -Supporting the U.S would do the country well because it showed the U.S that we were of help. It also would do well in the future lest we be in similar situation as them, they would come to our aid. -If we didn’t play a role in the crisis, it could’ve permanently damaged Canadian-U.S relations. -Canada needed to establish our role as a power unit on global scale, rather than be seen as a country who sits out when the action begins.

3.2. Against Canada’s Role in The Cuban Missile Crisis -The conflict mainly involved the U.S and their policies. Aligning ourselves with them for the sole reason Canada and the U.S were in NORAD together, would undo years of autonomy. -The conflict put Canada at an unnecessary risk. The only reason Canada was involved was because of our relations with the U.S. -It changed Canada’s peacekeeping image for a time. -It temporarily damaged Canada’s relationship with the U.S. -If troops were sent out, they wouldn’t have been prepared for the fight.