Healthcare Technologies of 2019

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Healthcare Technologies of 2019 by Mind Map: Healthcare Technologies of 2019

1. Smart Inhalers

1.1. Bluetooth Driven

1.2. Documents last time administered

1.3. Tells user if used correctly

2. Robotic Surgery

2.1. Uses in minimally invasive procedures

2.2. Improves precision, control and flexibility

2.3. Enhances a surgeons work

3. Wireless Brain Sensors

3.1. Bioresorbable Sensors

3.2. Measures temperature and pressure within brain

3.3. Reduce need for additional surgeries

4. 3D Printing

4.1. Creates implants and joints used during surgery

4.2. Matches individual measurements down to millimeters

4.3. Creates long lasting items for an individual

5. Artificial Organs

5.1. Emerging piece of science in healthcare

5.2. Grow within the human body

5.3. Body does not reject the organ this way

6. Wearable Technology

6.1. Monitor and improve chronic health conditions

6.2. Integrated ECG in Apple Watch series 4

6.3. Forecasted to reach $67 billion by 2024

7. Precision Medicine

7.1. Find treatment based on genetic make-up

7.2. Used mainly to treat cancer and RA

8. Virtual Reality

8.1. Medical students are able to utilize when learning

8.2. Allow patients to better understand procedures

8.3. Proved useful in patient rehab and recovery

9. Tele Health

9.1. Extremely useful in managing chronic health conditions such as COPD & CHF

9.2. By 2025, global market should be worth $113.1 billion

9.3. Can be accessed from anywhere


10.1. Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats-most advanced genetic editing technology

10.2. Still in first generation use and full potential not yet understood

10.3. By modifying genes, some of the biggest threats can be removed in technology