Old quarter of Ha Noi

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Old quarter of Ha Noi by Mind Map: Old quarter of Ha Noi

1. old house in Ma May

1.1. it is traiditional house and It was built 1890

2. Quan Truong gate

2.1. it is one of 21 gates of old Hanoi it was builth in 1749 in Quan Truon street the gate guarded for people inside to be safe

3. Hoan Kiem Lake lake of the return sword

3.1. The legend of totoise god demanded sword. In 15th century, Le Loi King returned the sword to totoise god after he finished fighting off the Chinese

3.2. other name is Ho Gươm Sword lake

3.3. The totoise tower stainding on small island in the centra of lake is linked the legend

3.4. it is iland in Sword Lake. it was built in 18th century

4. Ngoc son temple Temple of the Jade Mountain

4.1. Temple wordship for Tran Hung Dao Leader who defeated

4.2. This temple is connected to the shore by Perch of the Morning Sunlight, this bright is painted by vermillion red

5. Dong Xuan Market Springfield Market

5.1. It was built by administration friench in 18

5.2. Dong Xuan was detroyed by fire in 1994 and revolated as or

5.3. the wholesale traders sell everything from clothes, household goods to foodstuffs.

6. Ta Hien street

6.1. this street is named leader who againsted friench. His uprising began in 1883 until 1887

6.2. It is night street cuisin of HaNOi. it is more and more crowed at night

7. cuisine

7.1. Rice noodle soup steamed sticky rice rice noodle rice barbecue pork- bún chả fresh warter carb soup - bún riêu cua grilled frish chả cá rice flour role- bánh cuốn vietnamese sandwich- bánh mì spring roll - nem rán stuffed pancake- phở cuốn

8. Location

8.1. it is in Hoan kiem district

8.2. there are 76 streets and ten

8.3. there are 36 wards, which ward sell one kind of product and this ward was named following that product