Different Healthcare Information Technologies

Different healthcare technologies mind map

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Different Healthcare Information Technologies by Mind Map: Different Healthcare Information Technologies

1. Telehealth

1.1. Telehealth/telemedicine allows providers to see patients remotely. This allows patients and provides to provide and receive care even at home

2. Electronic Medical Records

2.1. Documentation and storage of patient's medical information

3. Sensor/Wearable Technology

3.1. Sensor and wearable technology can allow individuals to keep track of different health concerns such as: physical activity, heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels. This type of technology helps manage healthcare at home

4. Electronic Prescribing

4.1. Electronic prescribing softwares allow healthcare providers to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy without a physical script. This expedites the process of receiving medications and tracks controlled substances as well as limits errors

5. Consumer Applications/Patient Portals

5.1. Patient portals give patient's access to some aspects of EMR. Patient's can receive results, access their medical history, schedule appointments, view bills, contact healthcare providers, and possibly make payments.

6. Patient Scheduling

6.1. Patient scheduling allows patients to make appointments in advance, rather than calling the office for each appointment