Pastoral Cornerstones

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Pastoral Cornerstones by Mind Map: Pastoral  Cornerstones

1. Promoting Academic Excellence

1.1. Monitoring student progress

1.1.1. Analysis of CAT4 data and dissemination of key information and tips to teachers

1.1.2. Review of termly reports by both HoY and tutor

1.1.3. Praising academic achievement

1.2. Intervention for students of concern

1.2.1. Academic report

1.2.2. Weekly targeted lunch intervention

1.2.3. Open channels of communication with parents and teachers

1.3. Homework lunch club

1.4. Centralised resources for students and parents

1.4.1. Revision tools

1.4.2. Subject-specific resources and guides

1.4.3. Assessment information including 1-9 frameworks

1.4.4. Assessment schedule

2. Preparing Students for the Real World

2.1. Building of future-focused life skills

2.1.1. Ensure Moral Education lessons promote values and ethics

2.1.2. Use relevant local and international news as a chance for students to recognise their roles as global citizens and become better informed

2.2. Working with head of Specialism and Careers Advisor to embed careers focus at KS3 level

2.2.1. Workshops led by parents and entrepreneurs

2.2.2. Shadowing parents in their place of work

2.2.3. Exploring interests and hobbies and related career fields

2.2.4. Provide volunteer opportunities as work experience

2.3. Encourage independent research projects, overseen by mentor teachers

3. Improving Student Well-Being

3.1. Physical well-being

3.1.1. Educate students on nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

3.2. Emotional well-being

3.2.1. Work closely with school counselor and Counselling Advisory Committee on incentives to further promote well-being

3.2.2. Continue student-led well-being committees

3.2.3. Support programmes including mentoring with older students

3.2.4. Train staff to recognise causes for concerns relating to mental health and/or well-being

3.3. Healthy social relationships

3.3.1. Team-building activities throughout the year

3.3.2. Provide supervised lunchtime classroom for students to partake in recreational games, projects, etc.

3.4. Well-being tips and facts in parent newsletter

4. Maintaining High Standards

4.1. Student-led monitoring and tracking of equipment and uniform

4.1.1. Equipment kits provided to forms, to be signed out daily

4.1.2. Ties and top buttons provided by HOY on loan to enforce expectations

4.2. Weekly sharing of House Point totals

4.3. Effective behaviour management

4.3.1. Behaviour points to be monitored in real-time and investigated/ challenged

4.3.2. Roles of classroom teachers and form tutors made clear in confronting behaviour incidents

4.3.3. Encourage use of Sims to document incidents

4.4. Additional rewards for students meeting/ surpassing expectations

4.5. Tardiness to school/lesson to be sanctioned consistently