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Tonsillitis by Mind Map: Tonsillitis

1. Epidemiology

1.1. Caused by common bacteria of MRSA and Group A Streptococcus

2. Pathophysiology

2.1. Inflammation of the throat that can be caused from viral, bacteria, yeast and parasitic organisms

3. Risk Factors

3.1. School age, close contact with peers, exposure to agents that cause tonsillitis

4. Clinical Presentation

4.1. Skin hot and dry

4.2. Fever up to 103.2 over the last 3 days

4.3. Tympanic membrane slightly red

4.4. Anterior cervical nodes palpable and tender to touch

4.5. Painful to swallow

4.6. Throat erythematous with 4+ tonsils and diffuse exudates

4.7. Normal height and weight for age

5. Adaptive Responses

5.1. fever

5.2. Tympanic membranes slightly reddened

5.3. Throat: erythematous, 4+ tonsils, diffuse exudates

5.4. Anterior cervical nodes palpable and tender to touch

5.5. Painful to swallow

5.6. Fussy and unable to eat breakfast, not able to sit for favorite T.V show

5.7. Skin hot and dry