Increase Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension Scores

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Increase Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension Scores by Mind Map: Increase Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension Scores

1. Data Sharing

1.1. Pre-School Days

1.2. School wide data for Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension

1.3. Vertical PLC will share information at grade level PLC meetings and staff meetings

2. Create a Vertical PLC

2.1. Request of Volunteers from each grade level and content area

2.2. Establish meeting schedule

2.3. Establish goals and timelines

2.4. Contribute to the School Improvement Plan

2.5. Create a bank of strategies that can be used to help students

3. Professional Development (PD)

3.1. As requested by the Vertical PLC

3.2. Request for District Personnel to provide PD

3.3. Explore PD opportunities outside of school (i.e. Dyslexia Conference, Reading Conferences)

3.4. PD provided by school personnel to showcase strategies already being utilized at Citrus Grove

3.5. PD of Accommodations for students with an IEP or a 504 Plan

4. MTSS Process

4.1. Work collaboratively with the MTSS Core team to identify struggling readers

4.2. Share the strategy bank with teachers and parents

4.3. Participate as a member of the MTSS Core team.

5. Identify Students Requiring Support

5.1. L25 Students

5.1.1. Must be identified through data and followed closely through MTSS data, ESE progress reports, & i-Ready data.

5.2. ESE

5.2.1. Develop appropriate goals in the area of vocabulary acquisiton.

5.2.2. Review accommodations for each student

5.2.3. Review levels of support for each student to assure the students are getting what they need.

5.3. ELL Students

5.3.1. Work with ELL Paraprofessional to share strategies

5.3.2. Establish a line of communication from the ELL Department and the Vertical PLC