Storage devices and media

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Storage devices and media by Mind Map: Storage devices and media

1. Backing up of data

1.1. Refers to copying data to a differnet media

1.1.1. Example: Cloud storage Companies using magnetic tape or hard disk drives to back up client´s data on a regular basis.

1.2. Is used to: Safeguard against loss of data,hackers.

2. Types of access

2.1. Serial access

2.1.1. Search from the first field to the field you are searching for, 1 by 1. Example: Magnetic tape systems

2.2. Direct access

2.2.1. Search for the information with the key field so the access is available directly form the calculated position. Example: Booking air tickets

3. Primary storage

3.1. Storage provided a memory in a computer system

3.1.1. Ram Memory where data is stored temporally when running applications, the data is erased when the computer is turned off.

3.1.2. Rom Memory where data is stored forever and can´t be edited.

4. Secondary storage media

4.1. Storage by peripheral devices different than memories, they keep the data stored forever so that is used in a future.

4.1.1. Magnetic storage Storage that uses platters to use magnetism and store data HDD Portable HDD Magnetic tapes

4.1.2. Optical storage Data is stored in pips and bumps and a red laser is used to read it CD-ROM and DVD-ROM CD-R and DVD-R CD-RW and DVD-RW BLUERAY

4.1.3. Solid state storage media SSD They have no moving parts and data is retrieved no matter where it is stored Penn drives Portable memories connected by a usb connection Flash memory cards Solid state memory used in cameras, cellphones and MP3

4.2. Units of measurements

4.2.1. KB

4.2.2. MG

4.2.3. TB

4.2.4. MB