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SariStar by Mind Map: SariStar

1. Demo on Monday

1.1. Direct Borrower/ Front End

1.1.1. Chatbot Flow Data Privacy Consent Text Input First Name Middle Name Last Name Birthday Address Cellphone number Employer Character Reference Attachment Government ID (attachment) Selfie holding ID After Submit Application Completed please wait for a call from our verification team within 60 minutes

1.1.2. Application Form

1.2. Dashboard FB

1.2.1. New Registration (for first time users)

1.2.2. Apply for a loan (must be registered) 1000 30 days 10% + 5% (IFC) Contact Number Cashout Establishment GCash Cebuana Palawan others (please identify) After Submit SMS/ Chat

1.2.3. FAQ/ Guide (read first) Requirements (Government ID and Character Reference) Loan Details (magkano ang hiraman) Advatages (bakit saristar ang hiraman)

1.2.4. Check My Loan (CRM) check my payment schedule Loan Details Payment Schedule repayment concerns Chat flow Loan Details Points, Rewards and Loan Limit Total Points Account Status

2. V2

2.1. UI - Chat Flow

2.1.1. Loan Chat flow Loan Verification (Tele) Call Borrower Call SariPartner Others check my payment schedule repayment concerns Points, Rewards and Loan Limit

2.2. #2 Local Marketing

2.2.1. Materials Poster Tarpaulin

2.2.2. Tagline: Mabilis na Pera? Dito sa SariStar mabilis at magaan ang hiraman!

2.3. #1 SariStar Partner Acceditation Manual Process

2.3.1. 1) Location

2.3.2. 2) Field Visit Photo ID Contract

2.3.3. 3) Sari Partner training - 5 C's Character integrity and lifestyle of borrower Capacity ability to repay Capital if secured Collateral not applicable Conditions loan rates economy purpose

2.3.4. 4) Display of Unique QR Code infront of store for loan identifaction

2.3.5. Sari Partner Dashboard Borrower List Repayment Schedule PTP Daily BP Daily Points Commissions Cash Out Announcements

2.4. #3 Collection Process

2.4.1. Curing/ chatbot Sari partner Daily PTP Daily BP Scheduled payments Scorecard Borrower Points and rewards Schedule of payment Daily reminder

2.4.2. Tele collector Call outs on BP sari partner /borrower Human chat on non payment and BP

2.4.3. Field collector Visit on x amount of non payment

3. Borrower

3.1. #1 Application

3.1.1. One-time registration New Loan Disbursement SMS/ Messenger Data Privacy Consent First Name Middle Name Last Name Age Address Government ID Cellphone number with Manual OTP 2 Character References with Contact Number New Loan ChatBot Completion Message

3.1.2. New Loan chat flow Amount Loan Duration Interest Rate OTP Contact Number Cashout Establishment Store Verification Send Picture of store QR Code Store First Name Store Last Name

3.2. #2 Verification

3.2.1. Conversational Flow

3.2.2. Approval

3.2.3. Qualifications