Defending North America

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Defending North America by Mind Map: Defending North America

1. The Scrapping of the Avro Arrow

1.1. For

1.1.1. - Cancellation meant not being seen as a big target by the Soviet Union

1.1.2. -Without the Avro Arrow the government was able to invest its money on more useful assets for the country

1.1.3. -Saved $300 million, it would not have been worth the price

1.1.4. -A higher chance of war occurring would have been much higher if the Avro Arrow was kept

1.2. Against

1.2.1. -Scientists without jobs now went to work in American for places such as NASA

1.2.2. -With the loss of the Avro Arrow Canada lost their opportunity to become a technological leader

1.2.3. -Was the lost advanced fighter plane in the world at this time

1.2.4. -Was fast and efficient

1.2.5. -Left around 15000 employees jobless

2. Canada's Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons in 1963

2.1. For

2.1.1. - It would be an innovative way to ensure domination.

2.1.2. -New technology would create more jobs in Canada

2.1.3. -The threat of nuclear weapons gave Canada strength, more power and status

2.1.4. -With mutual advancement in technology there was hope that this would stop a nuclear war from breaking out

2.1.5. -The acceptance of nuclear weapons gave Canada a way of defending itself

2.2. Against

2.2.1. - Canada felt that accepting nuclear weapons would be hypocritical to the United Nations.

2.2.2. -Nuclear bombs have horrible outcomes, radiation is as dangerous as the explosion, and the risk of accidental use

2.2.3. -The risk of a nuclear winter; end to society, if nuclear bombs were launched on the ground or in the atmosphere killing most animals and plants

2.2.4. -Aftermath of a nuclear bombing would result in radiation poisoning; birth defects, tumours, and cancers

3. Canada's Role in the Cuban Missile Crisis

3.1. For

3.1.1. -Canada wanted to be independent instead of giving into America's plans

3.1.2. -Canada didn't want to get involved; could have further endangered our land

3.1.3. -Canada didn't want to get involved with problems surrounded by all of the policies

3.1.4. -Prime Minister Diefenbaker was hesitant and believed that further proof was needed, rather than just photographs

3.2. Against

3.2.1. - The government should have supported and assisted the actions of the United States.

3.2.2. -Both Americans and Canadians were angered by Prime Minister Diefenbaker's decision

3.2.3. -The Cuban Missile Crisis damaged the Canada-United States relations

3.2.4. -When Canadian Troops were put on alert, it was then too later to help America

3.2.5. -This crisis eventually became a world issue which Canada should have never gotten involved with