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Photo y videos by Mind Map: Photo y videos

1. You can access our pricing here Photo & Video Order Form Thank you! Someone will follow up.

2. YES :-)

2.1. Great! Do you have any upcoming project you need a quote on?

2.1.1. What is your best email and phone number? SALES TEAM - CALL the client. Hi! I saw you're needing a quote for photo or video. Client will ask. Client objections

2.1.2. I already have someone. That's great! Do you have another listing coming up? Yes. No.

3. 1. Hi! My name is Carlos, I've been doing photo and videos for 6 yrs. I work with Darloop Media. I see you're really active in real estate. Are you planning to include more photo and videos in your marketing? See sample of my work: Thank you!

3.1. Photo

3.1.1. Yes Are you available to take pictures it a property in oak lawn? Yes! What's your best number? Thank you, we're excited to help you.

3.1.2. No :-( I totally understand keep in mind that video is scheduled to drive 80% of all online business traffic. Would it be okay, if we continue following up with new info? Yes!

3.1.3. Professional headshot at listing location

3.1.4. Yes :)

3.2. Videos

3.3. Irma

4. 2. Hi! My name is Carlos. Are you needing any photo or video services at the moment? Here's a sample of my work. added a cover video. - Thank you!