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Internet Safety & Responsible Use Training Content by Mind Map: Internet Safety & Responsible Use Training Content
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Internet Safety & Responsible Use Training Content


Personal Safety / Child Protection

Highland Cyberbullying Policy

Resources/Managing Incidents

CEOP Element

Information on CEOP


Child Sex Offenders

Gaming / Chat Rooms


Mobile Technology / GPS

Social Networking

Downloading Music


Health Information Resources

Online Resources

Planning / Evaluation/ Curriculum for Excellence

Practical Session with Resources

Round Up / Q & A / Close and Certificates



GLOW / New technologies / Future

Background to E-safety Highland/Nationally

Training Day Health Aspects

Digital Literacy

Professionals & Parents / Carers

Key messages

Practical Tips


Personal safety of Professionals

Personal Information

Future Consequences


Spam / Phishing

Data Mining

Digital Footprints

Location Data

Use of images / legality

Posession, distributing and editing

Potential for blackmail / Exploitation

Legal Implications / Sexual Activity Legislation

Copyright (briefly)

Damage to self-esteem / identity

Meta Data in Images

Data Storage

Security of personal and sensitve data

Cloud storage / Memory Pens

Connectivity to Networks/Email