Building Your Success Alliance

Train the Trainer Presentation Outline

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Building Your Success Alliance by Mind Map: Building Your Success Alliance

1. Introduction

1.1. American Flag and Anthem Lyrics

1.2. Capitalistic Society and Free Enterprise

1.3. Quote on Individualism

1.4. Introduce Napolean Hill and book title

1.5. Quote involving Franklin as the Success representative, and play video clip

2. The Alpha

2.1. Load the picture of cartoon man-The misnomer of the Self Made Man

2.2. Introduce the Alpha Concept

2.2.1. Every Alpha has his pact

2.2.2. Every Alpha knows what He Needs and Wants

2.2.3. The Alpha instinct is to hunt for survival of its own kind

3. The Alpha Application

3.1. Survey of Audience, i.e. Leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives, etc.

3.2. All identify with being Driven, All have goals, plans, ideas that are hunting for survival

3.3. Every Alpha: Leader, Entrepreneur, Business Exec, etc. needs a Pact-THE MASTERMIND

4. Instructional: SYNERGY

4.1. Introduce and Define

4.2. Provide Synergy Quote explaining its benefit

4.3. Introduce Synergy in the Mastermind

4.4. Circulate puzzle piece basket

5. The Conclusion

5.1. Your Alliance is Your Pact that hunts for the survival of your vision and dream

5.2. Every Alpha needs a Pact: Every Visionary needs the MasterMind to Translate Vision into Reality

5.3. Closing Words: Build Your Success Alliance and then: RUN WITH THE PACT!