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1. The Arrow of history

1.1. After the agricultural revolution the social order became more broad reaching the conformation of cultures

1.2. Satellite Spy: After cultural evolution the satellite spy began to check the number of many humans who coexisted 12,000 years ago

1.3. The global vision begins by checking the geopolitical economic systems in three ideas: 1. The Monetary order 2. The Imperial Order 3. The order of the great religions

2. The Secret of Success

2.1. Commerce, empires, and Universal religions succeeded in unifying the Sapiens in today's global world.

2.2. The fallacy of hindsight: How much more is known a historical period, the more difficult it is to explain the reason for the orientation followed by that we have more possibilities than we imagined

2.3. Clio Blind: The evolution of cultures have led them to be a mental parasite, which passes from person to person and adopt measures that affect us all

3. The smell of money

3.1. The money began to cross religious frontiers, and the coins started to be used by all, until the arrival of the different conquerors

3.2. How much does it cost? The economy came through the barter where the evolutions of the villages began and came the development of the Trades

3.3. How does it work? Money is the most universal and efficient system of mutual trust that has ever been invented

3.4. The price of money is based on two universal principles: 1. Universal convertibility that allows you to exchange anything 2. Universal Trust, allow to cooperate to any

4. Imperial Visions

4.1. It speaks of the devastating capacity of empires and their ability to assimilate and withstand defeats

4.2. Empires of Evil: The political insuto ' imperialist ' comes from ' fascism ' as empires are unfair because they prevent the self-determination of peoples

4.3. The new global Empire: it makes 200 a. c people lived in empires until the evolution of the fragments of nation-states of the New global Empires

5. The Law of Religion

5.1. The religion is considered today as a source of division, but in reality it has been the third great source of unification of humanity

5.2. The Battle of Good and Evil: where the Politeísmo gave rise to the monotheism, and to the dualistic religions that accept the existence of good and evil, From the dicotomia between heaven and Hell

5.3. The Cult of man: The last 300 years has resulted in the rise of religions of natural law camouflaged under the name of Ideologias as:

5.4. 1. The Liberalism

5.5. 2. Communism

5.6. 3. Capitalism

5.7. 4. Nationalism

5.8. 5. Nazism

5.9. Humanism is divided into three sects: 1. Liberal Humanism: It is the freedom of individuals to preserve as the foundation of Human Rights 2. Socialist Humanism: It is believed that humanity is collective and non-individualistic 3. Evolutionary humanism: They are represented with the Nazis